Essay Writing at Its Core!

When it comes to writing an essay, there are many different ways to go about doing so.

Different people will give you different kinds of advice on the topic but how exactly does one write a good essay?

One answer that most people are very likely to give and something that I also advocate personally is writing an essay that is simple to begin with.

Now the next most obvious question that you will be asking yourself is how do you write a ‘simple’ essay? I put ‘simple’ in quotations because it is a concept that is fairly vague to understand. Anything that is easy to understand can be considered as simple. But the level of understanding is in itself a concept that is subjective from person to person.

So without further ado, let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can go about understanding The Simplest Way to Write an Essay. Although this is something best learnt over time with enough experience, there are some points that you can follow if you want to adopt such a writing style. Let’s discuss some of those methods shall we?

Picking the Topic

The first step to writing any kind of essay is picking a topic to begin with. If you have been given a topic from your professor or something like that, then this step should not be as important. However, if you are in charge of picking a topic for yourself, then make sure that you pick something effective. At the very least, make sure it’s not boring.

There are plenty of things to consider when picking an essay topic.

  • What kind of impression do you want to make on the reader?
  • What kind of stuff are you good at writing?
  • What do you even want to write about?

Apart from that, you also need to consider the fact that there are some topics which barely have any content about them, even on the internet. Also take into account the kind of work you are doing with the essay.

  • Is your goal to educate?
  • Or is to inform?
  • Or perhaps you want to introduce something completely new to people?

Whatever it may be, the topic of your essay is definitely dependant on this. So take your time and put a lot of care in selecting the topic because it has a lot more impact than you think it has.

Make an Outline

One common advice that you will always get when looking for essay writing tips is to have a proper plan when going forward. The same applies for tips regarding The Simplest Way to Write an Essay as well. The best way to write any type of essay is to first visualize its overall structure.This makes writing the actual content much easier.

If you want to keep things simple, you can follow the most basic essay structure conceivable. Start off with an introduction, proceed to the content and end things with a nice conclusion. This is as simple as it gets. The kind of complexity that you want to add to it depends completely on you and no one else.

You can even list down the structure exactly as you want it to look like on top of the page. If you are not too good at visualizing or imagining things, this is more than a viable option to take. Whatever the case, make sure that you have the foundations to your plan laid out before you even start writing.

Writing To Your Ability

This is an extremely underrated advice that people seem to ignore all the time. Most people, especially those who are starting off new think that using the most complicated words equal good flow, good content and make for a better reading experience overall. I do not need to tell you that this is not the case whatsoever.

The key thing to note is that The Simplest Way to Write an Essay is to write it to the best of your own ability. When you try to force it, it easily shows. The overall feeling when reading that kind of text is of uneasiness. It makes the reader feel as if your content is artificial and inorganic. After all, emotion invoked by reading something must be natural.

For your essay to be effective, all you really need to do is maintain a good flow to it. Your points must be interconnected with one another and each one made must move smoothly onto the next one. The most basic grammar can result in an effective essay and that is what you should concentrate on learning. Everything else is simply add-ons.

Starting and Ending Well

The final thing I wanted to touch on is how much effect a good introduction and conclusion can have on your essay. The first and last impression that you have on your reader is vital and it is something that you should work very hard on nailing down. If you can maintain this consistently, there is nothing that can stop you from writing a basic but effective essay.

In my experience, out of the two, the introduction is even more important since this is the first thing that the professor will read what you have written.

  • A lot of the times, teachers will not have the time to read the whole thing so they will just start off the first paragraph or two and then give up mid-way.
  • As such, the score will be based on whatever portions he or she has read at the very beginning.
  • Similarly, a lot of teachers also read the ending as well just in case, to make sure that the student has not scammed the test in any way.
  • As such, the conclusion is equally important for your essays.

The thing is, even if your essay is mediocre in its content, the beginning and ending can more than make up for it. This is probably the most practical tip for The Simplest Way to Write an Essay.